Black Friday

8:56 AM has just released Best Buy's Black Friday ad. Guess where I'll be the day after Thanksgiving? Hopefully it won't be freezing (or raining and freezing) like the last two I've attended.

My list of wants:
21 (DVD) - $3.99
Dirty Dancing (Blu-ray) - $7.99
He's Just Not That Into You (DVD) - $6.99
Role Models (DVD) - $6.99
The Simpsons Movie (DVD) - $6.99
Tropic Thunder (DVD) - $6.99
Wanted (DVD) - $6.99
Zack & Miri Make A Porno (DVD) - $3.99

I listen to movies as I work and I've plowed through my 200+ movies at least four times each - no joke. So I'm in need of fresh entertainment.

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