Get in line

2:56 PM

Flying Saucer Pie Company is a 42 year old pie shop that is only minutes away from my house - this is dangerously convenient for my voracious sweet tooth. I headed there today debating whether to get apple or banana cream. Should have known better because there was a line that snaked down the sidewalk with people parked up and down the neighboring streets to score one of their made fresh daily pies. Impatience won out and I drove right past, nearly hitting a woman blinded by a tower of boxed pies in her hands, determined to score one tomorrow before the lines start. Don't know how successful I will be since I read on a review that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the worst day to go there.

Their pumpkin pie wasn't incredibly special but I was pleasantly surprised with their spices. I'm not handing out a verdict for the Flying Saucer Pie Company until I try a couple more options. As for pumpkin pies, check out Black Walnut Cafe. They dress it up with pumpkin spice whipped cream which really puts a nice spin on the traditional pumpkin pie.

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