National Stationary Show

11:06 PM

The 2010 National Stationary Show will take place May 16 - May 19 in my favorite city in the WORLD - NYC. *squeal* This convention showcases amazing talent all around the country (possibly world - I don't know, this will be my first time). New talent is launched in the same forum as established brands like Kate Spade and Anna Griffin. I've talked to local stationary stores regarding where they find their product and it looks like the Show is where all the action happens. I desperately want to launch my products in this forum but six months out I have absolutely nothing but ideas to show for my hard work. I'm working really hard on getting product made but it's really difficult to design and research while handling the administrative side of a small business like manufacturing and getting bids. I'm not complaining at all. I get to stay home with my two sweet pups and work my butt off at something that satiates my heart's creative desires. Thank you A for making this possible.

NYC. *squeal*

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