Technology is great

12:25 PM

I avoided getting a smart phone for the longest time, not that I did not want one, but because I just didn't need it. I resisted because it didn't make sense with my lifestyle not to mention I loved my palm-size Motorola Pebl (I had black but the colors above are fun).

Unfortunately I did not treat my Pebl very well and dropped it for the last time two weeks ago. So I gave in, upgraded to the iPhone and I'm loving it. The biggest selling factor is that I can now do business anywhere. I used live by my computer. Running errands became daunting because I worried I would not be timely in responding to my vendors. Though I miss my pocket sized Pebl life is more efficient now.

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  1. I'm glad you got the iphone. I really want one too one day. I think any self respecting apple fan needs one.