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As mentioned in the previous post I have a depressing backyard. It's grass and patchy areas where the grass has died. This house was never intended on being the place we make our home but we still want to make it nice while we're here (not to mention we want to be able to add to the resale value). So I've been looking for ways to redo our backyard which is a little larger than our master bedroom, which is not big.

Against the back fence we want to put in a fountain against a stone wall facade. See below

I like this contemporary feel especially since I plan to mix in an Asian theme but the Tuscan like fountain just feels welcoming.

The grass below is artificial and looks amazingly lush. Much more lush than my custom ordered grass which is on its last leg of life. Then I can stop paying for someone to spend 3 minutes of my lawn and collect a cool $20 every other week. I'm getting ripped. My dad's lawn is 5 times the size of ours and he pays the same amount.

We live in a townhouse and share an entry way with the townhouse next to ours. Because the area to landscape is so small I'm thinking a simple and still give the home an elegant air.

Images 1, 3 & 4 from Moss Landscaping.

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