Little Gocco Machine

5:42 PM

A year ago I bought this little Gocco machine. Then for months it sat unopened in my closet as I was wrestled with what to do with my career. After I quit my job I started filling my time with things I never had time to do because of work. Finally I dusted off the Gocco box and decided to make holiday cards. If I didn't like this little self-contained screen printing machine from Japan, at least I would have gotten some homemade holiday cards in the process. The postcards I made are simple and a little boring but I was just so excited about the process and actually making a homemade card it didn't matter if it was lame. The potential for this little machine is so great and it saddens me that they no longer make this machine or supplies. In so many points of my life, I discover something too late in the game. So I stocked up with as much as I could afford to (people are price gouging like crazy) and hopefully will make a couple of more fun paper things with my little Gocco machine before it becomes obsolete.

Is it too late to ask Santa to get the manufacturers of Gocco to produce more supplies?

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