Gelato Round 1

6:56 PM

My new ice cream maker. The one for half the price. I think I now understand why it was half off. When it was churning my mixture it was also emitting a broken motor smell. But I pressed on with fire extinguisher nearby.

My gelato mixture that marinated overnight. Two parts milk. One part heavy cream (doesn't this make it ice cream instead of gelato). Four egg yolks. Half cup brown sugar (I was out of white).

Getting icy.

Oooh it's looking more and more like ice cream.

Tada! Gelato that looks like ice cream because it has cream in it instead of being pure milk. Time to venture away from and hit up the big boys at Food Network. The favor was nice and heavy on the vanilla (an oopsy on my part when I was eye balling how much to put in) but heavy on the cream, too. Had a greasy after taste that ice cream tends to have.

Round 2 will involve pure milk and a generous helping of Nutella.

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