HGTV Zombie

1:46 PM

I never watch television unless it's specific shows I have DVRed (Dexter, Weeds, Giuliana and Bill, Jersey Shore - I know, I know but it's my weekly scheduled train wreck indulgence). This weekend I practically went comatosed watching HGTV's renovation/redecorating shows. It's amazing how much their designers can accomplish on such a small budget. Though I did notice when they set their budget all the labor is miraculously free-of-charge. Must be nice. Now I want to redo the poor job our builder's contractors did in our master bath. Looking for inspiration on Decor Pad.

You can barely see it but a glass partition acts as a shower curtain. I'm loving this option over curtains.

Here is a better picture of another glass partition. Not digging the design though.

All black marble. My old-man-in-a-young-man's-body Husband would love this.

I like everything in here but the browns and elliptical machine. My master bathroom is about the size of the shower.

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