Me likey

3:12 PM

The Husband and I have lived in our house for 2.5 years. If you came in you would either think (1) we've been here for a couple of months or (2) we're about to move out or (3) these people need to decorate already. The problem is that we have two very different ideas of what looks good. I like "crazy" stuff and the Husband... well... he's like an dog with old money tastes. He only sees black and white and colors are not perceptible to him unless it is brown leather. He likes marbled halls and wood paneling on the walls. We've joked that we will need a lawyer to handle our decorating because there will be a battle. Judging by our blank white walls I don't think the joke is off mark.

One thing I love is mirrored furniture. I understand this is an acquired taste but something about it reminds me of the mirrored halls of Versailles.

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