Naturally purified air

11:17 AM

"ANDREA is a revolutionary new air cleaner engineered to significantly improve the air filtration capacity of natural plants. This living filter accelerates room pollutants through the active infrastructure system of a plant to continuously clean and oxygenate the rooms in your home."
  • Transforms any household plant into an effective air cleaner for your home or office
  • Cleans air locally and rapidly, therefore can be turned on and off throughout the day
  • Uses any household plant (sold separately)
  • Absorbs and metabolizes noxious chemicals
  • Biochemically transforms waste
  • Ozone-free operation
  • Low power consumption
  • No replaceable filters
  • Complements any d├ęcor
Using plants to purify the air. Wonder why someone didn't invent this sooner. The Andrea has won numerous accolades and has been exhibited in the MoMA. I like that it looks like a futuristic terranium, which is far more visually appealing than the air purifiers I grew up with.

Photo from Amazon.

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