Sharp dressed men

11:11 AM

Been drawing inspiration from fashion lately and was looking for a sharp men's suit. I now understand why Armani is the gold standard. His suits look outstanding a man.

Giorgio Armani
Cuts a mean suit.

Sharp looking suits but for skinnier frames. Love the white suits.

Calvin Klein
 There are some nicely tailored suits. But then you get some with sheer sleeves? In cyan?

Dolce and Gabbana
There were many embroidered, sparkling suit jackets but I pulled the classic looking suits. 

Junya Watanabe
I actually would like a female version of the image directly below. Shorten and tailor the jacket to be form fitting, crop the pants higher and make them tighter. Keep the cap and the shoes. I'd love it.


Ralph Lauren
Not bad. Very banker-ish.

Not digging it but it feels very Jonathan Rhys Meyer

Think they would work better as women's wear.

Tommy Hilfiger
Traditional Hilfiger. Americana man.

Z Zegna

Women would definitely wear this. Men probably should not.

 All menswear for Fall 2010 from GQ

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