Shots from my camera

4:37 PM

Stuff from around my city.

Retro multi-plex in the heart of a very contemporary part of town.

Trying to find ways to decorate a very long and daunting hall in our house. Went looking for inspiration at IKEA and I think I found it.

And I thought the 90's Spice Girls look had gone out of style...

What is this? And why is it loitering Payless Shoe Source minutes from Down town? It couldn't have escaped the zoo because that's just too far away. A pet perhaps? It's not like Austin where you can find a goat and chickens in someone's front yard. For those in Houston it was in the Target shopping center in Sawyer Heights.

UPDATE: I was informed that this was a vulture. That vultures got some nice feathers. Could totally decorate with that plumage.

This is a cooking utensil catch all smartly labeled by symbols. Love it.

About time Giada! I've seen Emeril and Tyler Florence cookware and I'm glad she finally has her own line out there and what a nicely designed line it is (packaging and cookware). Love the design - color scheme, type faces, everything.

What's so strange about this image right? It's just an array of cookbooks on baking and sweets. Found in the middle of a very manly, gritty hot dog joint named Ray's Franks and More. Store picture below, found on Yelp.

So random. But I love that it's just weird. By the way, the dogs at Ray's are FANTASTIC.

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