10:05 AM

After I found out that Gocco no longer manufacturers their screen printing machines OR supplies I was really bummed. I had just began to fall in love with its potential and now I had but a couple of times left to play with it.

While on vacation I saw a 30 minute infomercial on Yudu.

Yudu is another screen printing machine which has more potential than the Gocco. Some stand out features - you can screen print larger images, eco friendly inks, reusable screens that you can store and use later, you are not restricted to paper and cloth. So for 30 minutes I watched as they showed people used them for branding, decorating and what not and slowly I found my finger dialing their 1-800 number. Ten minutes later I had placed my order. Never in my life have I ever ordered anything off the television. I canceled my order an hour later realizing I should not buy a new screen printing machine until my current one is obsolete.

This is definitely on my list of things to get. I read about it while I was still on my Gocco high but dismissed it because it wasn't Gocco. Sadly now I'm going to try use up my Gocco supplies so I can Yudu.

Images pulled from Yudu.

You can print on almost anything: paper and card stock, clothing, wood, glass, acrylic.

Crafters - are your heads churning on what you can possibly do with this machine?

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  1. Dude, I so want this and the letterpress machine. Oh my, oh my. Once I get the cashflow, those are the first two things on my list to get!

  2. Once you're ready you'll have to give it a try...SO fun!! I love that I can print on just about anything. :D