Tire safety

2:30 PM

Some stores are still selling tires that are considered dangerous to be used. Even if the tires are brand new if they are 6 -7 years old, they should not be sold. This video highlights the importance of having young, good tires. Even after the Bridgestone/Firestone ordeal there are still no major government regulations on tires so it's really up to you to keep yourself safe. Caveat emptor!

This video also shows you how to read the date your tire was made. Inconveniently, it's labeled on the inside of the tire. The first two numbers indicate the week it was made and the last two (there should be two or the tires are really old) indicate of which year. So if your number reads 446 it was made the 44th week of 1996! If it reads 1301 it was made the 13th week of 2001.

Keep this in mind the next time you get new tires.

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