Oompa Band

2:34 PM

I had German food for the first time yesterday at Rudi Lechner's. I don't have pictures because the restaurant lighting was poor not to mention the food doesn't exactly look like a piece of art. The taste on the otherhand was amazing. First let me say that the Oompa band (not sure the official term for a German band that yodels and plays that sort of mustic) was perfect in setting a light-hearted mood. Couldn't stop smiling through the whole experience just because the music was fun and silly. 

Now for the food. The smells alone were torture as we waited an hour to be seated. When we did get seated out came complementary zucchini bread. The Husband raised a brow but I pushed a small slice at him and after taking a bite he nodded. It was sweet, moist and just delicious and that was just the free stuff. We ordered potato pancakes, French onion soup and a fresh pretzel for starters. "Who orders a French onion soup at a German restaurant?" the Husband questioned. Well Husband, it turned out to be the best French onion soup I have ever had. For my personal tastes it was exactly what I wanted in a French onion soup. It was not super salty (like many French onion soups I've had), seasoned to perfection and the cheese was ooey gooey and just plain perfect. I would absolutely come back for the soup alone... and maybe the zucchini bread since it's free and I'm already there.

We shared the Heritage Sample which is basically a huge plate of meat and some dressings. Carnivore's paradise. On the plate was pork loin, wiener schnitzel, sausages, sauerbraten, roasted chicken, Austrian potatoes, red cabbage sauerkraut & dumpling. It was too much for us, especially after 3 appetizers and zucchini bread but it was awesomeness. The meats were cooked just right and came in a shallow pool of sauce/gravy that was delish. We will be returning back for more.

Reservations definitely recommended. There's a reason this place has been the haps for the last 30 years. Oh and they included their recipes on their Web site. Interesting.

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