PB Teen where were you 15 years ago?

9:37 AM

PB Teen has some of the cutest things I've always wanted for my teens years.
I've wanted a dress form for a long time now. I've scoured eBay and haven't found one industrial enough (within my price range) or on the other end of the spectrum, elegant enough. I cannot believe PB Teen is selling this. I. LOVE. IT. Envy has sunk its nails into me. I want.

Every time I'm dying to have something I ask myself, do I really need it. Arrr... maybe? =)
A mini fridge in fun colors. Kids these days just don't know how good they have it in the design spectrum. We had the option of black or white. Plain old black or white mini fridge sitting sadly in the corner of our dorm room.

How badass is this. Lights that look like snare drums hanging on your wall. 

Okay now this is just awesome. I'm absolutely getting this "for" my husband because his guitar needs a home off floor. The bottom metal piece that hooks on to the strap is etching marks into out wood floor. This is just an awesome way to display his guitar and keep it out of the way.

Is it wrong that I really want this in my house?
I cannot believe how much I covet on this site. Even if I don't get the dress form (that's a big "if") I'm definitely getting the lighted guitar rack.

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