3:10 PM

With cupcake fever simmering down people are saying whoopie pies will be the next big thing.

I actually think (and hope) Belgium sugar waffles will be the next big sugar fix to sweep the nation. My first exposure was in Philadelphia. Running low on blood sugar we went in Bonte because it was right in front of us. Unlike a regular waffle, which is slightly dry and needs syrup to jazz it up, pearl sugar is mixed in the batter so while it is cooking in the waffle iron the sugar caramelizes. The outside is slightly crispy giving way to a wonderfully chewy inside. My sugar waffle was stuffed with a warm sweet filling of mashed bananas. It was so amazing I still crave it to this day. I don't have pictures because that sucker was nothing but crumbs in a matter of seconds. Found this image on Flickr on what it would look like. Deceivingly normal looking waffle with surprisingly delightful texture and flavor.


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