5:18 PM

Eventually when we figure things out with our house we're going to remodel. The tile work in our bathroom leaves much to be desired. So I'm researching for that day when we can finally say "enough is enough, let's make it right." Went to the tile store and I'm looking for a way to work with the black granite counter tops we already have.

Right now our floors are white marble - bad idea. Learned that lesson the hard way. So we want to go with something dark and low maintenance. You can't really see the black granite but it's the bottom right. The top right tile is what I would like to go with for our floors. Nice texture. As for the mosaic pattern on the left, I would like to use that as a backsplash for the tub and to inject a little color so it's not just stark black and white. The problem is how do we integrate these tiles this into the shower so that it's not a wall of straight up black or white. Hmm... may need to watch some more HGTV.

Thought this was pretty cool. The tiles above look like planks of wood with texture and all.

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