4:45 PM

So for the lack of postings. In the middle of craziness. Refinancing home. Small claims court. Battling home builder. Finishing up collaboration project.

But right now I have to rave about this pasta sauce I'm making from my absolute favorite cook book in the WORLD. It takes 3 hours to cook - I know, but you basically leave it alone for 2 hours - and it's delicious. I've made about 7 meals from this book and all of them except one, a fish dish that I messed up, have been delicious. It's astounding how simple ingredients mixed together can be such a culinary feast to the taste buds.

Fresh basil
The best $60 investment I have ever made in regards to my kitchen. Found it at Marshall's Home Goods.
If only you could taste it... pictures cannot do the flavor justice.

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