Breaking up

5:12 PM

Dear ADT,

How am I suppose to break up with you when no one (sales manager, service manager for the Houston area and regional manager) will call me back? These past two and a half years have been... unfortunate. I can't really pinpoint as to what exactly caused the camel's back to break. Perhaps the time we discovered all our 2007-2008 false alarms were due to crisscrossed lines so we were receiving someone else's "break ins." Maybe it was all those times your technicians would trample through our house just to tell us "I can't see anything wrong with your system" after they charged us a trip fee. Oh, I think it really comes down to those hmm... maybe 5 - 8 times (in the past year) our alarm jolted us awake in the dead of the night for no reason. Oh and you owe me about one year of my life back for each of those episodes.

This can be painless but if you want to bring it on, just a warning I've got my mother's genetics and that woman was the fiercest person I know. If she was still healthy I'd sic her on you. Oh yes, then you'll pick up the phone.

Call me!


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