Can't get enough of Joyride

9:37 AM

The more I watch this Kia Sorento commercial the more I love it. I find myself actually going back to the television when this song comes on (we have since downloaded the song and took a Joyride of our own). When I first saw this during the Super Bowl the brilliance of it escaped me but as time has lapsed I realize it's advertising genius. It completely breaks the mold for predictable car ads, it works in the Kia Sorento without it appearing forced or just placed in the ad, it creates a fun spirit associated with the SUV, it's ageless, it's fun to watch with all the quirks and personalities. So jealous (I'm seething with envy) of the creatives at David and Goliath that conjured up a car ad that I could only wish to think of.
 Mr. X (from Blabla Kids) my newest crush. After Muno bowls an exploding spare the vision of Mr. X hopping in excitement always brings a smile to my face. I'm going to buy these dolls and put them in the backseat of my non-Kia.

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