Food-filled weekend

9:24 PM

I had a delicious weekend and apparently so did my best friend who almost missed a flight back to Houston because she was trying to get Sprinkles Cupcakes on her way to the airport. One reason why we are so perfect as surrogate sisters.

On Saturday we tried a new restaurant because of a Facebook friend's rave on Lemongrass. We shared the Siu Mai (Chinese-style steamed open-faced dumplings filled with minced chicken, served with a sweet & spicy soy sauce), Summer rolls (Choice of shrimp, chicken, or tofu wrapped in soft vermicelli with lettuce, cucumbers, mint, mango, and peanut dipping sauce) and Shiitake-soy braised short ribs (Slow-cooked beef ribs, sautéed gai lan & baby carrots, garlic chive polenta). The Siu Mai was bland but the sauce made up for it - though that shouldn't be the case. Summer rolls were good but the peanut sauce (see picture above) was became the star of this appetizer. It was so tasty I ended up dipping my roll in it. The Shiitake-soy braised short ribs were like butter. The sauce married the flavors of the short ribs, mushrooms and gai land. I was a little disappointed in the polenta cakes, they were  bland compared to the bursts of flavor from everything else. Even the green onion rolls were yummy. I tried to get the Husband to go back again on Sunday but we had reached our eating-out allowance.

Ended Sunday by making Semolina pudding with blueberry sauce from Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy. I have never been a fan of compote. I've tried to give it a chance because in food photography it looks beautiful and on menu descriptions it sounds like it would taste amazing but I've never had a compote I liked. Yet, I will still try it over-and-over again just because I really want to like it. So today, I finally struck gold. I believe one reason why this sauce worked so well is because the blueberries were like little bombs of sugar. They were so good instead of mixing in the recommended pint of blueberries I saved half to snack on in case the sauce fell short. The sauce did not. Part miracle blueberries, part local honey and a splash of orange juice this sauce was everything I imagined in a compote. The semolina was mixed into boiling heavy cream until it became almost bready, porridge-like. Alone it would have been creamy (how I do love the flavor of heavy cream) but bland. With the blueberry sauce it became a surprisingly delightful dessert. Though I would like to try to make it with whole milk next time just to make it a little healthier.

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