11:16 PM

I'm glad there isn't an HOA in our neighborhood or we would be repeated cited for our green areas. Yes, we're those people. I'm trying to change that except I found landscaping services are quite pricey. A couple-friend we know had their rather large inner-city backyard professionally revamped for twice the amount we were quoted but our backyard is about the size of their pergola. So I'm going at it alone. I've been looking at local landscaping and sniffing around nurseries trying to get a better idea of what I would like to do to spruce up our curb appeal without spending too much.
But first, the embarrassing part... our town home side yard. We share a common area and the part on the right is unfortunately ours. I was hoping the tarp would finally kill this zombie ivy that keeps coming back and prevent weeds from growing but as you can see I lost that battle.
I really like this fiberglass planter. There's a minimalism about it that would be ideal for our low maintenance lifestyle and give our area a nice modern look.
I would like to add color to the area since it's so drab right now but that would be mean more maintenance which in turn guarantees certain death for any plants that need a lot of attention. I have a brown thumb. Major. I've managed to kill all the grass. It's not just brown from the winter, it's long gone to grass heaven. That's what I get for putting in fancy grass.

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