The September Issue

11:36 PM

Just watched The September Issue, a documentary that gives you a glimpse into the work that goes into Vogue's biggest issue and the person who heads it all, Anna Wintour. This movie made me smile because parts here and there reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada. Even the set of the movie was based on Wintour's real office set up.

The real diamond in this documentary was Creative Director Grace Coddington. Though she sticks out as frumpy in the midst of a crowd of good-looking, young Vogue employees decked to the nines, her vision is... where are the words... basically I want to work for this woman. Even if it's for free, I want to drop everything, pack up the Husband and dogs and move into a dumpster in Manhattan just so I can glean as much as I can from this woman. As a creative some times I see something in my head but it just doesn't come out on screen/paper the way I saw it. Her vision (with the help of amazing photographers, great sets, wonderful fashion and fabulous lighting) is marvelous and the way it translates into a shot is just... I have no words. She's fashion, visionary genius. If there was a competition to be "Grace Coddington's Next Top Gopher Assistant/Personal Slave" I would cat claw and bitch slap my way to that spot. I'm a pacifist but I will wield a stiletto in a Naomi Campbell-esque hissy fit to get such a grand opportunity.

If by any chance Grace Coddington ever reads this (I have better luck winning the lottery... which might buy me that chance) I'll work for air.

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