Holistic alternative

1:46 PM

I've been in a cloud of allergy misery the last month but the last two weeks have been the worst. Claritin-D has kept me in a zombie haze not to mention the potency has been dwindling so I broke down in search of an alternative. Any alternative. I was at Whole Foods in search of cake when I steered into the alternative medicine area. Left Whole Foods with a platter of assorted sweets, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief and Wish Garden Herbs' Kick-Ass ALRG (that's the name). Sweet eye goodness, the Similasan is my new best friend. I'm buying a bottle for each room of my house. As for Wish Garden Herbs I'm not sure if this stuff is working or if the oak pollen from hell is finally letting up (not bloody likely) but I'm definitely continuing to dosage until allergy season is over. The only downside to the Kick-Ass ALRG is the taste. I imagine it tastes like the water from a wrung out t-shirt, fresh from a wet t-shirt contest for hippies. Still. The combination of this and the Neti Pot have given me the ability to breath through my nose and that's worth enduring the unique flavor.

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