Kitchen gadget: Robostir

11:08 AM

I love kitchen gadgets, anything that makes cooking easier. I never have a problem stirring the pot but this little contraption is intriguing.

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  1. I watched the infomercial a few weeks ago of the RoboStir Peg. Too cool. I have to buy one. I went to BBB (Bed, Bath, and Beyond) recently and they didn't have the RoboStir. I couldn't believe it. I already bought the Magic Bullet after seeing that infomercial. Another fantastic and versatile product. Anyway I have a small video production business in Sarasota shooting mainly affordable marketing videos for websites all over Florida. But when I buy the RoboStir, I will be doing a short video to add to my YouTube channel to show everyone how cool the product is. Excellent blog and photos you have. All the best