Stella Sola

12:57 PM

After three weeks I finally had dinner with Husband at my choice, Stella Sola. Unfortunately it was at 9:30pm (the only reservation time we could get last minute) and by then the two items I really wanted to try were sold out. I ended up getting Amberjack Crudo, Cara Cara Orange, Our Guanciale & Cajun Cavia, White Bean Ravioli, Lacinato Kale, Short Rib, Poached Quail Egg and a mozzarella salad that isn't currently on their online menu. The first two items were bursting with flavor and disappeared quickly. As for the mozzarella, not sure if it's our cows or what but I'm always disappointed with the local mozzarella. It was a great texture but just very bland.

Now I need to find someone to go with me again but at an earlier time so I can try those two items I missed out. Reservations definitely recommended. The previous occupant, Bedford rarely had a full parking lot when I dined there but Stella Sola was packing in cars like sardines and spilling out into whatever spaces were available.

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