Take notes Houston's Farmers Markets

9:29 AM

I've been on the hunt for a great farmers market in Houston. I've been to Dry Creek, T'afia, Highland Village, Discovery Green, La Centerra and Rice Village and I'm disappointed. Surely if Austin can do it, we too can have a decent sized showing of farm fresh products. Perhaps some of the Houston ones just need to merge into a one-stop farmers market.
The market overlooks the Austin skyline in the parking lot of Barton Creek Mall.
This market offered fresh seafood, fresh meat, fresh herbs, bread and pastries, soaps, juices, lemonade, cupcakes, teas, fresh eggs, cheeses and plants. There was a taco stand, masseuse and architect. You could buy what you need at one market instead of hopping around the half dozen or so okay-sized markets around Houston.

Update: I plan to hit up Urban Harvest Farmer's Market next weekend. Heard good reviews and was going to go yesterday but went to Austin instead.

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