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12:23 PM

Les Givral's Kahve has opened on Washington Street (near Shepherd). Inside decor is trendy with this pretty cool wooden installation piece/wall. Yay for cheap and delicious Vietnamese sandwiches - I could live off of these for a month and still not tire of them.

Had Branch Water Tavern for dinner with good friends. Devoured the duck breast and gazpacho. Yummy all around especially when they bring out their famous biscuits. If you want a tasting the prix fixe lunch menu is pretty well priced for a three course meal. If you like beets the beet salad is really delectable. Sweet beets mixed with arugula, sugar-coated pistachos and goat cheese - drool.

Tried crabmeat florentine at Cyclone Anaya's. Nice balance of crabmeat (and some stuffing), wilted spinach and a poached egg. Not digging the queso especially after having Gringo's queso that evening... mmm Gringo's. Quite good but the parking situation at the Shepherd location is a mess. Be prepared to valet. Speaking of Gringo's, if you haven't been this place has amazing Mexican food. I'm big on their tacos al carbon (chicken) and now I'm a queso lover. They have locations all around town - definitely worth a try.

Anyone an oatmeal fan? I like my oatmeal made in a certain way and I think Jamba Juice has hit it right on the head. It's not soggy but not dry. Just the right amount of soy milk content so that it's perfectly creamy. I get it with bananas and two scoops of brown sugar topping. There are little crunchy bits of brown sugar that just make my early mornings better. That and their fresh squeezed orange juice. Some times it's hit or miss when it comes to their oranges being sweet. Right now, it's definitely a hit.

Battle of the best lemonade in town: Jenni's Noodle House vs. El Rey
 I've become a lemonade snob. Can't stand Minute Maid or the stuff from concentrate. The people from El Rey (on Shepherd) know me pretty well now as the girl who always gets the lemonade. They rarely have off days when their mixture is too tangy or sugary. If only a large cup wasn't so pricey but that won't stop me. Recently saw that Jenni's Noodle House also offers a home made lemonade. It's so popular they have to make a fresh batch throughout the day. Seriously refreshing beverage. Their food is good too though I've seen the prices rise dramatically in the last couple of years that I've dined there. Good for them for being so successful but wish I could have their disco dumplings at their 2006 price.

I'm pretty sure I've written about Lemongrass Cafe located in Bellaire. I've been thrice and have enjoyed it all three times. Went right after having an expensive and unsatisfying meal at Stella Sola. Really enjoyed my first experience at Stella Sola but the second time fell short. Filled up on papaya salad and topped it off with the coconut mousse at Lemongrass. Yum. The desserts are nicely plated and just done well. My friend had the ginger creme brulee and enjoyed the subtle ginger accent.

Fries, fries, fries.
My new years resolution was to cut my fry intake. That being said I had some pretty good fries at Lola's this weekend. Seasoned and fried to perfection. I know this is going to get many frowns but if you dip them lightly in maple syrup it's pretty amazing. No different than the maple syrup from your pancakes accidentally touching your home fries. Try it before you say "no."

Can't wait until the fumes from our home repairs subside. As much as I enjoy eating out it's hurting the wallet and I miss home cooking.

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  1. My brother used to work at Lemongrass. I ate there for my birthday once and had the filet. It was amazing!