Freezing off fat?

12:38 PM

I first thumbed through the June 2010 issue of Marie Claire at the doctors office and immediately found an article that made me run out and buy the magazine. Page 178 starts with "Freeze your fat away." Basically the procedure "heats and cools the skin so the fat in cells crystallizes, then is slowly eliminated over two months" and is "best suited for women who are close to ideal body weight with specific areas of unwanted fat." Goodbye belly pooch! I've been battling the pooch for years even after I started working out regularly. Years! To imagine that I can finally get rid of this sucker without surgery sounds fantastic. The price is hefty, $600-$1,000 per application. Won't be dishing out money for this until I have exhausted all my exercise and healthy eating options but it's nice to have this option available.

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