Mmmm chocolate

9:05 AM

Recently a friend brought back chocolates from Europe for me. I still can taste the candied orange peels enveloped in milk chocolate - delicious. Saw that a new chocolate shop, Araya Artisan Chocolate, has opened up dangerously close to where I live so I went to try it out. Maybe I shouldn't compare European chocolate to American chocolate but I still long for the chocolate covered orange peels and their pairing of milk chocolate and sea salt. Araya was not bad by any means but I think the chocolates could use a little tweaking. The pink salt chocolate was nicely salted but actually a little too sweet so it competed heavily with the sea salt. The hazelnut praline was a little too light on the hazelnut. The actual chocolates itself have beautiful designs on them but I was hoping the flavor of the chocolates would match such aesthetic elegance.

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