Nicholas Sparks

1:24 PM

My first introduction to Nicholas Sparks was through "Message in a Bottle", the book not the movie. I don't remember the novel but just that it was incredibly poignant to this naive and hopeless romantic 17 year old. Then came "A Walk to Remember" and I was quickly tired of his romantic tragedy. Since then I've had a strong bias against most things Nicholas Sparks with the exception of "The Notebook." That all being said I pay-per-viewed "Dear John" today and I am incredibly impressed with Channing Tatum performance. He was so convincing, I didn't think of him as the actor in Step Up (which I was unable to watch after 10 minutes... holy sequel there was a Step Up 2?!?) but saw him only as the character he played. For me, that makes the movie watching experience more enjoyable.

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