One's a Meal

10:17 PM

After my best friend heard someone rave that One's a Meal had the best gyro ever we went to check it out. One's a Meal is located around the corner from Niko Nikos, a pretty stellar Greek restaurant. I admit I have a bias for Niko Nikos so I wasn't expecting very much. The review was pretty damn accurate. The soft pita was stuffed with super tender and delicious lamb and beef, topped with a generous helping of tzatzki and tomato slices all on top of a bed of fries. Definitely worth a try. As much as I am a die hard fan of Niko Nikos, if I'm craving a gyro, I'm going to One's a Meal.

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  1. Mark and I went there all the time when we first met and the food was delish. The old man that works there is sooo mean, but it made me laugh. And they are open late which made for fun nights. I call it Bibas though, but yeah everyone knows it as One's a Meal. Try the grape leaves...yum.