Sounds divine

12:07 AM

Went to Bailey's American Grille for brunch back in May (late post, sorry). Not willing to review their food quite yet since I didn't order an entree so I'll wait until next time before I make a final opinion. However I must rave about two things. First, the service was fantastic. My waiter [whose name escapes me but this guy deserves major props] was beyond amazing. He was tentative and always had a smile on his face even when we might have been a little too much for him. When I come back, I will definitely request him again because he was exactly what you want in a service professional. Second, the band was so incredibly delightful I'm attempting to make an event out of something just so I can book them. The band is comprised of a trio of sweet older gentleman playing the bass, clarinet and the last guy playing both the trumpet and keyboard. Not sure which genre to pin down their music to but they played show tunes, Sinatra, Peg o' my heart (a dedication to my name) and music of the like. Absolutely delightful. I will definitely return if only for the band.

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