12:05 PM

 Husband and I tried Yao, Yao Ming's restaurant, on Friday. We went during happy hour and ended up getting a lot of food and by a lot I mean egg rolls, shrimp tempura, crab puffs, steamed dumplings, two orders of soup dumplings, egg drop soup and Husband ordered an entree. Aside from the chicken egg rolls everything was so well flavored. The shrimp tempura was lightly fried accompanied by what tasted like a wasabi dipping sauce. I really enjoyed the soup dumplings so much I ordered a second helping. 

Afterward, I went home to read reviews from Yao. The main complaint from reviewers was that Yao's was not authentic enough. I agree but as someone who has frequented many authentic Chinese restaurants there is something comforting about eating somewhere that most likely has been hygiene practices. Once while trying to order food for authentic Chinese food (which is really yummy) we witnessed a waiter pull a regular stainless steel spoon from the rolling cart of dirty dishes, place it in a rice bucket and place it on someone's table. We got up and left. How disappointing because we really enjoyed the food here. I wish this wasn't the case but I've frequented many Chinese restaurants that just have no regard for proper food handling - including my Aunt's Chinese food restaurant in Massachusetts. When I was really young I remember seeing this huge vat of fried rice left out in the open. It just sat there as flies buzzed around it. 

So my review is that I agree with the reviewers on Yelp, it isn't entirely authentic but for what it is, it hits the spot and is very palatable.

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