Clear it out

12:37 PM

I'm cleaning out our house in preparation to put it on the market. After years of filing away paperwork I finally got around to sorting documents I no longer need, like bills from my very first apartment in 2001. Soon I had a bankers box full of security sensitive document and it was just too much for my office shredder so I called around to see how much it would cost to get shredded. One company would come out to my house and shred paper on site for $85. Another guy would do it for $25 if I brought it to his warehouse. Finally Robert Shellberg, President of Vanish Document Shredding said if I brought it to his warehouse on Friday between 4-6pm or Saturday between 10-12pm they would do it for free. If you need to shred a bunch of sensitive documents, bring it to Vanish Document Shredding and ask to watch as they shred it.

Vanish Document Shredding
1507 Ricefield, Suite 216
Houston, Texas 77084

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