I take it back

10:44 PM

After watching A&E's Hoarders for the first time I realize I no longer want to to add professional organizer to my list of services. Sure you'll have some people who just need some help filing away and organizing their life but I really cannot handle the psychological disorder of compulsive hoarding. It's incredibly sad and I'm glad there are good people out there that try to help these people through their illness.

On the other hand if you need to get your paperwork organized - hit me up. Previous experience includes working as a file clerk (and office messenger) at a big law firm that had a lot of disorganized lawyers.

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  1. I can't even watch that show!! It totally freaks me out. I really need help organizing my scrapbook area...I even got boxes that I was going to use, and they're still sitting in the garage. One of these days...