Melange Creperie

12:25 PM

Such a nice and mild day in Houston today - as of 10:30 a.m. it is 87 degrees, breezy and cloudy. I read about Melange Creperie in a Yelp e-mail recently and wanted to try it out. In the reviews people complained about how long it took to get a crepe. It's about four minutes per crepe but to defend Melange Creperie the last time I was in Austin we tried Fliphappy Crepes and it took 45 minutes to get one Nutella and banana crepe and that's with 3 people working with two crepe makers. I ordered the Chinese Jianbing and Sean added fermented mustard greens. For $5 this puppy made my day. It was savory and flavorful with a nice punch of Sriracha. Definitely worth the $5 and probably $5 more for a Nutella and banana crepe but the crepes are so generous I couldn't fit any more in my belly. I think if I came at a busy time it would be torture to wait for a crepe but if you come at a slow time it's definitely worth pulling over and scoring a solid crepe.

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  1. Thanks for coming by Peg! We'll have the double crepe maker out on weekends coming up, so we should be able to cut down on wait times.