Giacomo's cibo e vino

7:41 PM

I haven't tried a new restaurant in such a long time it was nice to be able to test out Giacomo's cibo e vino tonight. Ordered their gnocchi di fungi and lucia salad. I have recently fallen in love (I mean head over heels in love) with beets. It's not something my parents ever had so I never tried it until this year and I'm absolutely smitten. The salad was so perfectly matched with mixed greens, sweet roasted beets and warm goat cheese coated in toasted hazelnuts. I really don't like goat cheese, there is something about it that doesn't appeal to my taste buds but this goat cheese was like butter. It was creamy, not overpowering and served warm on my salad was just a perfect compliment to all the other ingredients. I read a review about their mushroom gnocchi on Yelp and it's been on my mind since then. It is amazing. The gnocchi is a pillow of perfect potato perfection. I could pop them all day long. Perfect texture. Perfect flavor. The mushroom sauce was so good my husband kept eyeing it while he was hoovering his own plate of ravioli then he commandeered the rest of my plate when he saw I was throwing in the towel.

Will definitely return again before I get my jaw wired shut.

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