Chinese Medicine

1:33 PM

It has been three weeks since my surgery and I'm still experiencing numbness on the left side of my lip and chin. Even though my surgeon said he did not cut the nerve, though he did cut really close to it, I've been fearful I will remain numb. After researching blogs of other people who have had jaw surgery I opted for acupuncture as a possible way to help my nerves come back. Immediately Husband Googled "Hellraiser" and showed me what I would look like. Thanks, Husband.
The following image also pops up. Muppets can make anything amusing.

The doctor stuck me with about 6 needles and left me in a dark room under a heat lamp. Honestly, I'm a little skeptical about Chinese medicine but in the darkness I felt these little pops, almost like sparks traveling down the nerve, in my numb chin and even the sensation of heaviness from the needle. After the procedure I felt more pops/sparks. Fingers crossed that acupuncture will make me a converted believer.

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  1. Peg, Pete still has numbness in his chin and its been months! Doctor said it will eventually go away but the nerves take time to heal. You should take a B vitamin every day, it will help with nerve healing (my neurologist tells me to take one everyday for my facial nerve pain)