Funny looking pups

1:54 PM

Even when it is dry outside my girls always come in from their walks with blackened paws from all the dirt they pick up. Last night a cold front past through with lots of rain so so today I tested Pawz: Natural rubber, waterproof dog boots on my pups.
Poor girls, I had a good laugh at their expense. They look ridiculous and made the funniest slapping sound as they walked.

And though they look silly I am impressed with the product because it saved me the chore of washing each of their little feet and drying them, which doesn't seem that taxing but one time I thought I cleaned off their paws but then I saw them track dirty, wet paw tracks across the floor.
Dirt all over the rubber booties.

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  1. So freaking cute!!! They do seem a little silly but I would totally use them if Shiner came in the house and tracked dirt and mud all over the place!