Bootsie's Heritage Cafe

2:22 AM

Finally made it out to Bootsie's Heritage Cafe. I'm still on the fence about the whole thing only because (shamefully) it is my first time ordering the tasting menu and do not have anything to reference. However, I felt like it was worth the experience for a reasonable $35. It was adventurous with unexpected pairings, unknown ingredients and complexity in every bite. Items not pictured but were good are the biscuits and amuse bouche of eggnog with pecans. Not a fan of eggnog, something about the thick texture turns me off, but this version was like the consistency of a light milkshake with the added flavor of pecans - lovely.

possibly the most beautiful salad I have ever seen

The drops of lemon curd, flakes of butter cream and itty bitty bites of citrus were divine. And they only give you enough to keep you begging for more. Even a mouse couldn't fill on the portions of lemon curd. Dang it, super size mine please.

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