Boycotting gnudi

5:03 PM

On Tuesday I made gnudi (gnocchi that is made from ricotta instead of potato) and was so proud because it turned out better than I anticipated. Husband didn't share the same sentiment so yesterday he took me out to Rudi Lechner's for dinner to avoid leftover gnudi. I know I have written about this little German gem but I have to mention it again because on Wednesdays they have a buffet. If you're not familiar with German food (like me) this is a great option to try the popular dishes for $15.95/person. Go hungry because the cuisine is heavy and you will fill up quickly, like my husband who tapped out after one plate. Featherweight.

We stopped at Juice Box for dessert. Scratch that, I had dessert because Husband was still reeling from eating too much. Two of my friends have raved about how amazing this place so I had to check it out. I'm not sure if this place is amazing or because they drown shaved ice, fruit and ice cream in sweetened condensed milk and that's why people love about this place. I scrapped up every drop of sweetened condensed milk, which doesn't have the same thick texture as the stuff that comes out of the can, and ignored the rest of the fruit, ice cream and shaved ice. It is not my first choice in dessert but it satisfied my sweet tooth.

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