Gourmet food items for less

10:14 AM

In the past I would not even think about buying the food items sold at Marshall's/Home Goods/TJ Maxx. Then I started to notice all the high end gourmet items I would ogle at Central Market, Sur La Table and Whole Foods would show up on the shelves of the aforementioned stores. Now, I make a beeline for the kitchen section and see if they are selling some of the stuff I want, for much less. I'm still waiting for some fine Spanish olive oil to make an appearance at Home Goods.
So I bought this one partially for the packing, I'm a sucker for cute packaging.
Saw this last week at Whole Foods and refrained because of the price. I use agave as a sugar substitute and basically on anything, like when I'm grilling salmon I put on a light coat of agave. Don't knock it until you tried it.
Saw this at Kuhl-Linscomb for far more than I paid for it. It's 100% a novelty item but something about shaving salt on my dishes made me want it that much more.
One of my favorite chocolates, which was once sold in abundance at Central Market and World Market/Cost Plus. Last week I bought a three piece box for around $5. The box of 21 pieces went for $7.99 so now I'm stocked up for the year.

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