Hand for hire

12:39 PM

Postings have been sparse because I've been engrossed in practicing my calligraphy. I come to realize, in my adult years, that my artistic childhood passions have given transformed to a mature version of those same loves. As a child, I made wallets from paper and markers and now I'm beginning to sew clutches and holders. I would spend hours writing and re-writing something to make it perfect - guess who made A's in writing class. It feels so natural to transition to calligraphy. I even have a family history of remarkable penmanship (on my father's side, you would think my mother was a doctor form her handwriting), my grandfather had amazing handwriting. Not only was his Chinese characters so perfect it looked printed, his written English was also flawless.

these address are completely made up and if they happen to be real it is coincidence

El Rey gets my vote for the best consistent lemonade in Houston.

Anyone need a hand writing person? Calligrapher feels too stoic of a label for what I do - I think Gothic, traditional calligraphy. This is more organic.

If you are in need of handwritten items leave a comment and include your contact information. First customer gets a massive discount since it will be my trial and error period.

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