Pho Danh

5:03 PM

I recently joined Twitter, again, but this time to follow the culinary world instead of the celebrity one. I'm following a bunch of my favorite chefs, culinary experts, restaurants and food trucks across the country. Locally I'm following TastyBitz, who speaks local food fluently. Because of Misha, I checked out Pho Danh 2 for breakfast today. Oh man a big bowl of good hot pho hits the spot like no stack of pancakes can ever. Everything tasted fresh and clean, with none of that questionable meat smell or weird broth taste or even the stink that some restaurants have. The plate of garnishes and meat were really fresh and the broth was clear. It's especially pleasant at nine in the morning (FYI, I think they open at 8:30am) when no one is there and it's just you, a bowl of yum and your thoughts. Only downside is that it is farther than I would prefer but it's so worth the drive for fresh, delicious pho.

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