Rainbow Lodge

2:05 PM

After another culinary disaster (I should stop trying to cook) we went to Rainbow Lodge to "have dessert," a ruse for Husband to eat far better food.
Ignoring the game heads that lined the walls I really love the ambiance, especially the crackling fireplace even though it's 75+ degrees outside. Felt like I was back at a toasty Colorado ski lodge.
The dessert tasting menu, clockwise starting from 12 o'clock: almond cake, chocolate cake, apple crumble/strudel and cranberry cheesecake. Didn't particularly like the cheesecake because it had the hint of refrigerator in the flavor, you know when the food item absorbs the air in the fridge. The other three were good. Didn't blow me away but I liked the subtle surprises of flavor. I think I had pineapple in my apple dessert, there was peppercorn in the chocolate and the spices in the almond cake that still have me guessing.

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