11:45 PM

I've tried making orangettes a few times and never liked the outcome. Today, I finally found a recipe that I like the most (drying them in the oven did it for me). The candied orange peels were so addictive I had to rush out to get chocolate before I ate them all. Next time I'm going to use less sugar because this batch will make your cavities dance.

I chose semisweet because I personally don't like unsweetened or dark chocolate. For my palate, it's perfect. It's not overwhelmingly saccharine (then again i can handle sweeter things than most) but there is just a hint of bitter chocolate.
For a curve ball, I shaved Himalayan salt on top to play against the super sweet orange peel.
Ta da! My first semi-successful foray into making candy. Need to work on the presentation on the next round but it's been a tasty test run.

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