Tex Chick

6:28 PM

After watching Guy Fieri have a foodgasm tasting mofongo on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I've had Benny's Seafood (Miami) on my long list of places to eat. Until then I noted that Tex Chick, in Houston, received pretty good reviews on their mofongo. I found this tiny restaurant charming with only four tables and an open kitchen.
this is their menu
The owner, I think, gave me magazines of Puerto Rico to look through.
Fried pork with mofongo (plantains)
I really wanted to like it so I went in quite skewed towards the positive but there was just something missing. I think if there was some sort of sauce it would have rounded out the dish because everything is just dry. The mashed plantains, though tasty, needed the nice and crispy pork but the pork was also just dry. The onions were fried to perfection. I enjoyed the different elements of the meal but don't know if I would return, unless I need a good mashed plantain fix.

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