Best Friend's Wedding

7:09 AM

My best friend became a Mrs. this past weekend and there are no words to express how happy I am for her. She sparkled from head-to-toe and her make-up was flawless, accentuating her gorgeous features, but most of all, I was blinded by her radiance. She literally glowed from happiness. A stupid smile was plastered on my face the entire night.

This wedding happened in a blink of an eye and though time was short I desperately wanted to give the groom something - a gift to say "thank you for igniting the happiness in her life" and "welcome to your new extended family." Then one day I was flipping through InStyle magazine and saw a beautiful watercolor painting by Cate Parr and knew that was what I would give him - a commissioned water painting of his wife-to-be.

The image below is not the one I gave her because I much preferred the first painting (or "sketch") that Cate did - she captured her eyes perfectly in the sketch. I wanted to show the beauty of Cate's artistry. I just love her work and I really hope the groom loves the painting, too.

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